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Captures video and sound directly from the screen
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LiteCam HD can help capture video from your computer screen, which comes in very handy when you need to record some such activities as gaming sessions, Skype calls, software presentations and YouTube videos. In this regard, the tool supports recording not only video but plain audio as well. It provides different recording modes, including one that is specific for games.

The application has a minimalistic design, and it is very convenient to have the most frequently used functions right at hand. However, you can always configure the program using the menu. To start a recording, all you need to do is select the target area and press the Rec button. Fortunately, there are hotkeys to control these functions as well. I especially liked the possibility of recording from my desktop and webcam at the same time, which lets, for example, explain how to do an operation on the screen while viewers can see me speaking.

The program has a few editing features, which, although not as many as to turn it into a video editor, are enough for common operations, such as trimming a video segment, changing the soundtrack, extracting audio and adding logos or watermarks. In addition, it has a drawing tool that allows you to doodle and make annotations while the screen is being recorded.

In general, LiteCam HD has various advantages over similar products, mostly because it is more affordable. Luckily, it does not need too many system resources to work smoothly. Moreover, it also helps you save storage space by producing relatively small files considering that it supports high definition recordings.

However, not everything is this garden is rosy. The application has a complicated installation process that requires downloading an additional file (lame) so that audio can be recorded along with the video. Then, there is also a bothersome activation procedure, even if you are only trying the product. Not only those, for the application to record gameplay properly, you need constant updates to support new games. Finally, there is a timer bar that appears when you are recording, and the bad thing about this is that it appears on the recorded videos, too.

Pedro Castro
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  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low requirements of system resources.
  • Small-sized video files


  • Complicated installation.
  • Bothersome activation procedure.
  • Obtrusive bar
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